Speed up your restart using Fermivin® CHAMPION BOOSTER

Fermivin CHAMPION BOOSTER is the latest new product to be launched by Oenobrands. With a new formulation that speeds up the 67J yeast strain, improving implantation and fermentation performance, Fermivin CHAMPION BOOSTER is ideal for faster restarting of stuck fermentations.

Since its release in 1978, the 67J yeast strain (selected and validated by INRA in 1967) has proven its efficiency in many different and particularly problematic conditions.

67J is an exceptionally strong Saccharomyces cerevisiae ex. bayanus yeast, characterised by a very high alcohol tolerance and a capacity to ensure complete fermentation, even in challenging conditions (high potential alcohol, toxic compounds, very low turbidity, low YAN).

This strain's capacity to restart stuck fermentation is thanks to its improved ability to ferment glucose and fructose, being a fructophilic yeast with a unique hexose carrier (HXT3 version of strain 67J) that has higher fructose affinity.

Fermivin CHAMPION BOOSTER has been tested and validated by INRA for its ability to restart stuck fermentations faster than the other strains.

INRA-tested and validated

In a stuck Chardonnay wine at 12.85 % alcohol by volume and 21.1 g/L residual sugars - pH: 3.50 - TA: 3.90 g/L H2SO4 - VA: 0.46 g/L H2SO4 - Free SO2: 14 mg/L - Total SO2: 92 mg/L (after addition of 4 g/hL), the fermentation restarted faster than the two other modalities and finished three days before the fastest (Fermivin CHAMPION).

Fermivin CHAMPION BOOSTER will be available in 500g packs for North Hemisphere harvest 2018 from the OENOBRANDS distributor.