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Simple, secure and speedy: the world’s first malolactic starter culture blend

Simple, secure and speedy: the world’s first malolactic starter culture blendMontpellier, France. Anchor NT 202 Co-inoculant is the first malolactic starter culture blend of two bacterial species, developed for New World winemaking conditions to ensure simple, secure and speedy malolactic fermentation (MLF). For optimal results, it should be used in co-inoculation with the wine yeast Anchor NT 202.

  1. Simple – bacterial addition to the must occurs at the same time as yeast addition
  2. Secure – wide pH range, high alcohol tolerance and co-fermentation with alcoholic fermentation enhances security
  3. Speedy – MLF is completed shortly after alcoholic fermentation

There are currently no other MLF starter cultures that contain a mixture of lactic acid bacteria. In terms of wine yeast, mixed cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains or S. cerevisiae and non-Saccharomyces have been successfully implemented in the last five years to enhance the aroma characteristics of wine. The same strategy was employed combining Oenococcus oeni and Lactobacillus plantarum as MLF starter cultures.

Although both bacterial species contribute positively to the final wine aroma profile, the main differentiator between NT 202 Co-Inoculant and other bacterial starter cultures is the overwhelming positive organoleptic contribution of the Lactobacillus bacteria. Wines that have undergone MLF with Anchor NT 202 Co-Inoculant are described by winemakers as being more integrated, balanced and fruity, with better mouthfeel; and overall, they are market-ready sooner.

This bacterial blend is promoted for co-inoculation only, since co-inoculation reduces overall MLF time and wines are available sooner for racking, fining and sulphur additions. Anchor NT 202 Co-Inoculant is targeted at the higher-pH, higher-alcohol red wines often associated with warmer winegrowing areas and New World wine production. The Lactobacillus culture, with its higher pH optimum, ensures an early onset of MLF.

Press Release - Anchor NT 202 Co-Inoculant October 2011 (EN)

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