Introducing two new products from Oenobrands: Natuferm Bright and Natuferm Pure

Oenobrands is proud to announce the launch of two new products, Natuferm BRIGHT and Natuferm PURE. Both are selected autolysed yeasts, chosen for their performance as yeast nutrients during alcoholic fermentation and for their ability to optimize wine aromas.

Natuferm® Bright is an autolysed yeast rich in free amino acids which are precursors of esters and stimulate varietal thiols liberation. Designed to boost esters and thiols levels in white and rosé wines, this autolysate is also rich in ergosterol that increases yeast viability, especially at the end of the alcoholic fermentation under stressful conditions.

Its richness in amino acid improves the production of esters and thiols during alcoholic fermentation of white and rosé wines. The addition of Natuferm BRIGHT in two steps, at the beginning and then at 1/3 of the fermentation (density >1060), allows for a significant increase of the fruitiness of the wine. In parallel, the level of fatty acids, known to mask aromas, is decreased. An even more intense and aromatic wine is obtained with the double addition.

Test on a Chardonnay grape variety (12% vol., YAN 150 mg/l, AF at 15°C) – Comparison between an untreated control and a mode supplemented with 40 g/hl of Natuferm Bright (added at the start + after 1/3 of AF) – 8 tasters – * indicates a significant difference – VITEC, Spain 2017.

Adding Natuferm Bright in two stages – at the start and after 1/3 of alcoholic fermentation – makes wine significantly fruitier and also reduces its level of short-chain linear fatty acids (C6-C10), which are aroma-masking compounds. The wine obtained using the 'double addition' method is more aromatic and intense.

Recommended dose: - 30 to 40 g/hl to be added in 1 or 2 additions at inoculation then at 1/3 of AF (density >1060).

Natuferm Pure is an autolysed yeast that is especially suitable in cases of nitrogen deficiency and/or high potential alcohol percentage. Suitable for use in red, white and rosé winemaking, its high nutrient content promotes yeast growth and a rapid completion of fermentation, while also preserving and enhancing the aromatic typicity of each grape variety. Natuferm Pure increases the yeast’s production of aromatic fermentation esters.

Fermentation kinetics of a Syrah must (in the liquid phase, NTU 328, pH 3.72, Nass 188 mg/l) – Natuferm Pure and DAP added at density - 10 points - DAP at 8 mg / l of YAN vs. Natuferm Pure at 2.5 mg / l of YAN.

As shown in the graph, the YAN provided by Natuferm Pure is more efficient in terms of kinetics than YAN from DAP.

Recommended use: - 20 to 40 g/hl based on nitrogen requirements - addition before the first third of the alcoholic fermentation (density >1060).

Natuferm Pure and Natuferm Bright will be available for the 2018 harvest from the OENOBRANDS distributors. Natuferm BRIGHT is sold in 1kg packs, while Natuferm PURE comes in 1kg and 10kg sizes.