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Claristar: More than a tartrate stabilization, an enhancement of the white and roses wines

Montpellier, France. Claristar: More than a tartrate stabilization, an enhancement of the white and roses wines.

Oenobrands developed Claristar, the mannoprotein fraction with proven instant action on the potassium tartrate stabilization of white and rosé wines. Claristar has been on the market since 2007 and is recognized by 98% of users as easy-to-use, fast, precise and non-traumatic for wines (survey on 1200 batches of wine treated with Claristar).

Highly soluble, Claristar interacts with microcrystals to stop their growth and keep them at a size invisible to the eye. Claristar is an unmatched natural alternative to exogenous and harmful stabilization techniques, thanks to the positive action of the mannoproteins on colloidal balance.

This method presents the additional combined benefit of preserving the wine’s aroma, colour and natural acidity. Customers testify to this, since 92% of tasters observe comparing to wines stabilised using cold treatment, an increased aroma expression, a sensation of volume and roundness on the palate and an improved aromatic freshness during wine storage.

The liquid formulation facilitates the instant stabilizing effect, allowing immediate final filtration. The use of Claristar results in an average 15-day reduction in the tartrate stabilization process.

Many winemakers worldwide already benefit from the use of Claristar and testify to its added value. This innovative liquid ingredient is easy to use by following the simple application recommendations.

This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.

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Press Release Claristar - May 2012 (EN)