European organic wine producers can now use Final touch products as well as Claristar

Published on 22 October, the Implementing Regulation n°2018/1584 allows, for certain applications, six new oenological inputs in organic winemaking, including yeast mannoproteins. This update allows Oenobrands to recall that now Claristar and products of Final touch range can be used by the European organic wine producers. Wineries practices will be updated thanks to this regulatory amendment.


This Oenobrands product provides an instant action on stabilization of potassium tartrate (KHT) in white, rosé and red still wines with long-lasting effects. Claristar is a highly soluble liquid product composed of unique mannoproteins extracted from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) using a patented separation technique that isolates mannoproteins with the highest Tartrate Stability Index.

Claristar is an unmatched natural alternative to exogenous and harmful stabilization techniques, inhibiting nucleation and the growth of potassium tartrate crystals, enabling lasting stabilization of white, rosé and red wines. This naturally yeast derived product preserves and contributes to the sensorial quality of a wine through the positive action of its mannoproteins on colloidal balance, on the stability of aromas and on increasing roundness in the mouth.

With Claristar® you can « stabilize and improve » with maximum security.

Oenobrands, an expert in oenological mannoprotein applications, offers a complete range of unique mannoprotein solutions with innovative properties and dedicated applications with Final touch® products: -

  • Final touch POP, to improve the profile and bubbles of sparkling wines
  • Final touch TONIC, to preserve aromas from oxidation and impart greater intensity and freshness to white and rosé wines
  • Final touch GUSTO, to improve the aromatic intensity, promote fruitiness and to contribute to a rounder structure of red wines

Each solution of mannoproteins has been specially extracted from Saccharomyces cerevisiae to immediately improve the stability and quality of the respective wine it is dedicated. This range of unique mannoprotein-based solutions, totally soluble, for adding to the wine immediately before bottling at a dose to 10 to 50 ml/hl.