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Oenobrands and Silverson introduce IN-LINE READY®, a dual technology that ends the necessity of rehydrating wine yeast.

This pioneering dual technology is the result of a joint effort between two innovative companies with complementary expertise.

  • Oenobrands, a biotechnology company specializing in the oenological field, develops innovative products adapted to the needs of winemaking professionals.
  • Silverson, a world leader in the manufacture of solid–liquid high-shear mixers, supplies a range of customers in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

These two companies have combined their skills to develop IN-LINE READY, a revolutionary dual technology that enables dried yeast to be directly inoculated.

IN-LINE READY wine yeast is produced by a unique process that enables the mixer to add it directly to the must. The mixer has been specially developed for this process and is ergonomically designed to make it suitable for use in the winery. This revolutionary technology has received an international patent.

Previously, all dried yeast required rehydration before being added to the must in order to ensure the smooth progression of alcoholic fermentation. This essential rehydration phase necessitates time, access to hot water and trained, experienced staff.

How does IN-LINE READY work?

IN-LINE READY wine yeast is produced by a patented process that allows it to be added directly to the must by means of the mixer. The high-shear mixer used for direct inoculation is connected to the fermentation vat. The shearing mechanism in the rotor-stator has been specifically developed to enable IN-LINE READY wine yeast to be dispersed under physiological conditions that ensure successful seeding in the must, regardless of its temperature or sugar concentration.

Its main advantages:

  • time- and labor-saving: a 1,000 hl vat can be inoculated in about two minutes, which is a considerable reduction in time compared to a standard rehydration that may take several hours
  • yeasting reliability and repeatability: avoids operator error and eliminates problems related to unsuitable temperatures or thermal shock
  • ease of use: can be used by anyone; it is as simple as connecting a pump.

Dual IN-LINE READY technology will be available for the 2013 harvest. The main strains in the FERMICRU and ANCHOR ranges will be produced in the IN-LINE READY format and sold in 10 kilogram packets for dosing at the rate of 30 g/hl. The characteristics of the wine produced using either strain will be the same as those obtained with standard rehydration. All the winemakers who have tested this solution look forward to implementing it in their wineries as soon as it is available.