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A year after its successful launch, Rapidase® Clear Extreme is now available in a 1 Litre size

Rapidase® Clear Extreme is an enzyme developed in collaboration with DSM, a world leader in food industry enzymes and a leading specialist in the oenological enzyme sector. Launched in 2013 after extensive product testing in both hemispheres, Rapidase Clear Extreme has proven its effectiveness in conditions of difficult clarification, including at temperatures as low as 6°C.

Rapidase Clear Extreme: a cryophilic enzyme active on a broad spectrum of pectins

Some white must clarifications can be problematic due to non-optimal physical or chemical conditions: for example, low temperatures during clarification (between 6 and 10°C), poor maturity at harvest, or grape varieties that have naturally high or complex pectic content. These factors can limit the effectiveness of standard commercial pectinases, resulting in insufficient, slow clarification, and sometimes even making clarification impossible.

The Rapidase Clear Extreme formulation has all the qualities recognized by Rapidase brand users – speed, simplicity, targeted efficiency and tested and validated reliability – with the ability to act on a wide range of pectins thanks to its cryophilic pectinases. For a simple, effective solution to even the most challenging clarification context, Rapidase Clear Extreme can be added to free-run must or juice after pressing. Its recommended dosage varies from 1 to 4 ml/100 kg depending on the technical parameters: grape variety, pectin content, maturity and, in particular, the duration and minimum and/or maximum temperature of clarification or maceration.

To assist winemakers, Oenobrands can provide supplementary test results, as well as aid in conducting a performance evaluation according to the winery’s specific conditions.

Rapidase Clear Extreme is now available in a range of sizes and formulations: 100 g boxes (microgranulated), 5 Liter containers (liquid), and a new 1 L container (liquid).

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