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Oenobrands releases Oenotools 3.0

After the success achieved in the field of smartphone and tablet applications, Oenobrands releases Oenotools 3.0: totally redesigned and packed with new functions As a result of the worldwide success of the free winemaking calculation application OenotoolsTM Oenobrands has now released a new version that is even more comprehensive, fast and easy to use, while still free of charge. More than 10,000 winemakers (and growing) in over 60 countries are now using this application, which was recently awarded an innovation prize.

Oenotools allows winemakers to:

  • calculate how much of an oenological product must be added whether it is powder, liquid or gas
  • determine the amount of sulfur to add based on its type in order to obtain a specific concentration of total, free or active SO2
  • convert measurement units into those commonly used by winemakers (liters to gallons, brix to sugar concentration, etc
  • establish the conditions and flow of nitrogen diffusers for deoxygenation or decarbonization
  • calculate how much liquid CO2 or dry ice to add to cool harvested grapes
  • calculate sugar or alcohol enrichment
  • calculate acidity correction for acidification or deacidification

To make the application even more user friendly, Oenobrands worked in collaboration with Olivier Zébic’s consultancy agency to develop Oenotools 3.0. This new version simplifies the navigation between different functions and enhances the tool with new features, now allowing winemakers to:

  • calculate refrigeration needs at each winemaking step
  • determine flow rate and duration of refrigeration as well as the final temperature obtained
  • rapidly determine tank volume based on form and size

Oenotools 3.0 not only expands the range of its rapid, accurate calculation tools, but is also available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.