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A new innovation from Oenobrands – Extraferm®: unique, highly adsorbent yeast hulls

Experiments recently carried out with Inter-Rhône (a professional organization of winegrowers and wine merchants in the Rhône Valley in France) have confirmed Extraferm’s ability to bind to and eliminate phthalates. By adding two successive 20 g/hl dosages of Extraferm yeast hulls during the winemaking process, the phthalate content of red, white and rosé wines can be reduced by more than 50%.

In fact, phthalates are only one of the many undesirable compounds against which Extraferm has proven to be effective. The results from the research by Inter-Rhône have also demonstrated that treating wine with 40 g/hl of Extraferm, added in two dosages, is highly effective in eliminating saturated fatty acids from fermenting musts, as well as eliminating ochratoxin A and anisoles (TCA, TeCA, PCA) from wine.

Figure 1: The change in dibutyl phthalate concentration following the addition of two successive dosages of Extraferm yeast hulls.

Extraferm stands out for its high efficacy in the adsorption of wine contaminants, while retaining all the organoleptic qualities and the flavour of the treated wine. This ability is due to the exclusive HALO (High Adsorption Low Odour) process used to produce Extraferm yeast hulls. The main advantage of this unique production process is that it allows Extraferm to be highly specific in adhering to undesirable contaminants without effecting wine aroma. This makes Extraferm the best solution for eliminating undesirable compounds without adulterating the organoleptic qualities of the treated wine or introducing yeast-like odours.

Another advantage of Extraferm is ease of use. The yeast hulls disperse quickly in water by virtue of their microgranulated formulation. The hulls settle quickly at the end of the treatment, so there is no long waiting period after Extraferm is added to the must or wine. After just 24 hours of settling, wine treated with Extraferm has a turbidity of approximately 8 NTU.

This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.