Oenobrands introduces new product: Maloferm Fruity

Based on the successful performance of Maloferm PLUS, Oenobrands is extending its Maloferm Bacteria range by introducing Maloferm FRUITY.

Maloferm FRUITY is an O. oeni bacteria selected by Oenobrands, specifically created to enhance the aroma profile during malolactic fermentation. In a trial conducted on Merlot in France (2017 vintage), it was found that in comparison with three other commercial bacteria cultures, Maloferm FRUITY:

  • enhances the total aroma concentration,
  • produces larger quantities of acetate esters and ethyl esters. This results in more fruity, especially stone fruit, and floral aromas being produced,
  • increases the amount of branched and hydroxylated esters, which result in more red and black fruit aromas.

Besides clearly enhancing the sensory profile of red and white wines during malolactic fermentation, Maloferm FRUITY is also robust and can tolerate:

  • temperatures as low as 15°C
  • a pH of 3.2
  • SO2 concentrations up to 50 ppm and
  • alcohol percentages of up to 15%


  • malolactic fermentation in premium red and white wines
  • sequential inoculation (also suited for co-inoculation)
  • a short lag phase and good fermentation kinetics
  • low VA production and
  • no biogenic amine production.

Inherent to the usage of both cultures is the fact that due to the unique production process, the bacteria cultures are more robust and require no rehydration. For better distribution in the wine, the bacteria can be dissolved in water before addition.

The Maloferm range now provides the opportunity to complete malolactic fermentation under more challenging conditions, as well as enhancing the sensory profile of red and white wine.

About Malferm Plus

Oenobrands first launched Maloferm PLUS in 2016. Selected to complete malolactic fermentation under challenging conditions, this bacteria (an Oenococcus oeni culture) performs well under stressful conditions such as low pH, high alcohol concentrations, high sulphur concentrations plus low temperatures.

This robust O. oeni, created to be used in sequential inoculation (inoculation after the completion of alcoholic fermentation), is well-suited to the following applications:

  • malolactic fermentation under challenging conditions
  • wines with little to no diacetyl, buttery characteristics
  • wines where the varietal character and freshness is preserved

Maloferm PLUS and FRUITY are available in 25g packaging from the OENOBRANDS distributor.