Rapidase Thermoflash

A new enzyme to optimize winemaking at high temperatures

Heating the grapes results in the high solubilization of pectic polysaccharides. This extensive solubilisation is made more problematic by the inactivation of grape endogenous pectinases through heating. Consequently, the use of enzymes is essential, all the more so as thermovinification is a continuous process with key time constraints.

In thermovinification and flash detente, temperature is the critical parameter for your enzyme selection and use. Rapidase® Thermoflash added at the beginning of maceration just after the heating phase, provides an efficient solution. Musts depectinisation is an essential condition to the success of subsequent winemaking steps such as draining, pressing, flotation or filtration. This depectinization occurs rapidly due to the increased enzymatic activity at high temperature.