Following the success of Claristar on white and rosé wines, the mannoprotein for tartrate stabilization is now available for red wines.

Oenobrands is extending Claristar, its mannoprotein application for still wine tartrate stabilization, to all colors: initially for white and rosé wines, Claristar is now available for red wine stabilization.

Over the last three years, Oenobrands has carried out a number of application tests on multiple batches of wines in collaboration with Enolab, the analysis laboratory managed by Dario Montagnani in Tuscany (Italy).

These high volume operations have demonstrated that the mannoprotein contained in Claristar stabilizes red wines just as sustainably as white and rosé wines, with no risk of the haze associated with polyphenols.

With several years of development and validation, an analytical reference method has been created to determine:

  • the level of tartaric instability in any still wines, white and rosé as well as reds,-
  • the dosage of Claristar mannoproteins required to achieve stabilization of the wine for Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate (KHT).
  • a confirmation that the stability is actually achieved with the dosage determined by analysis.
Red Wine

The equipment that supports the best the new Claristar analytical method and in general the analyses of tartaric stability in wine is Checkstab Instruments®, distributed by Delta Acque

Claristar® - Product Data Sheet (EN) Claristar® - Analytical method (EN)




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