Anchor Oenology announces repositioned yeast ranges Exotics, Alchemy and Legacy

Following on from the 2018 launch of the Anchor Oenology division, Anchor Yeast announces a rebranding of its yeast and bacteria products and presents their new packaging and positioning.

The refreshed Anchor yeast offering comprises three distinct ranges, namely:

EXOTICS (now a range of two products); the trusted ALCHEMY blends and the newly positioned blue pack range, renamed LEGACY. Launched to coincide with the 2019 vintage, the Anchor yeast portfolio is now divided as follows: EXOTICS – The name Exotics refers to a range of two products, both interspecies yeast hybrids designed to create iconic wines. Previously known as Exotics SPH, the first product in the range is Exotics MOSAIC. This yeast is designed to help create complex wines that grow into their sensory profiles during the ageing period.

Joining the family is the newest addition to this range: Exotics NOVELLO. A new interspecies hybrid, it is designed to produce soft, elegant, fresh and fruity, top quality wines.

ALCHEMY – The existing Alchemy yeast blends range has a brand new look. This family now consists of four blends: two for white wine production, and two for red and rosé wine. Alchemy yeast blends are scientifically formulated to produce intensely aromatic, complex wines.

LEGACY – The newly branded Legacy range is the backbone of the Anchor yeast family. Known for their quality and robustness, these strains have been given a new look.

The refreshed Anchor Yeast portfolios Oenology, home to the Anchor yeast, nutrients and bacteria products. now positioned under the umbrella name Anchor.

There will be a transition from the old to the new packaging in the upcoming harvest season.




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