Oenobrands launches Fermivin P21, a new yeast for high quality fruity red wines

Selected in Burgundy (France) by IFV Beaune (French Institute of Vine and Wine) from Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes, Fermivin® P21 is a yeast that brings good structure, stable fruity aromas and stable pigments for good colour.

Compared to six different commercial yeasts, Fermivin P21 gives the highest Total Polyphenol Index (TPI). Fermivin P21 is a very strong releaser of ethyl esters, fruity aromas known to be very stable over time. Finally, thanks to its extremely high level of HCDC activity (100%), when combined with a high Cinnamyl Esterase (CE) enzyme Fermivin P21 can stabilise colour and prevent the formation of Ethyl Phenol (EP) by Brettanomyces.

As a result, Fermivin P21 is very well recommended for high quality fruity wines with a good aging potential.




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