Oenobrands launches new version of Oenotools with improved features suggested by users

Building on the international success of the free, award-winning application OENOTOOLS, Oenobrands has developed a brand new 3.0 version that integrates improvements suggested by users of the app, based on their feedback.   Since the first version of OENOTOOLS was launched in 2011, over 27 000 new users have uploaded and taken advantage of the unique functionalities of this app (and more than 700 000 screen displays). With its user-friendly interface, Oenotools Version 3.0 helps winemakers to:

  • calculate the required quantity of any oenological products to be added in powder, liquid or gas form;
  • determine the amount of sulfite to add according to the source (different concentrations or gas);
  • convert measuring units commonly used by oenologists and winemakers (litres to gallons, Brix to sugar concentration, etc); establish the conditions and flow rates for deoxygenation and decarbonization using nitrogen stripping;
  • calculate the addition of liquid CO or dry ice in order to cool harvested grapes;
  • calculate sugar/alcohol enrichment;
  • determine acidity correction using acidification or deacidification.

The new, improved Oenotools app developed in collaboration with Olivier Zebic has a broader range of fast, accurate calculation tools and is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.    And as ever, the OENOTOOLS app can be used without internet connection, making it easy to use in the winery, even at the bottom of a tank !




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