Final touch® POP

For Making Perfect Sparkling Wines

Oenobrands, an expert in oenological mannoprotein applications, has launched Final touch POP, a unique liquid mannoprotein-based solution specially formulated to improve the quality of sparkling wines.

Final touch POP increases aromatic intensity and suppleness from the moment it is added to the wine and maintains these qualities in the long term. Wines treated with Final touch POP have a longer shelf-life and improved aromatic freshness: minerality and fermentation aromas are preserved, while oxidative aromatic compounds are attenuated.

Final touch POP is composed of mannoproteins with specific properties that contribute to a wine’s colloidal balance, helping to improve its structure and effervescence.

As Final touch POP is in liquid form, it acts instantly and has a long-term effect.

Final touch POP is added immediately before bottling in sparkling wines made respectively from Charmat or traditional method.




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