Final touch® TONIC

For Making Perfect White and Rosé Wines

Oenobrands, an expert in oenological mannoprotein applications, has developped Final touch TONIC, a selected mannoprotein-based solution, extracted from a specific strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to protect the aromatic freshness of white and rosé wines.

Final touch TONIC preserves the quality of white and rosé wines as they age as it contains mannoproteins selected for their powerful reducing and protective colloid properties.

The immediate and lasting effects found on white and rosé wines are:

  • Greater freshness and less oxidative aroma
  • Better aromatic intensity and punchier taste
  • More finesse and organoleptic qualities 

Moreover, the use of Final touch TONIC prevents premature ageing of the wines aromas and can extend the potential commercial shelf life of the wines.

The positive effects of Final touch TONIC are visible at a dose rate of between 20 to 50 ml/hl, with its addition immediately before bottling.




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