In-Line Ready®

Another advanced winemaking solution by Oenobrands and Silverson.

Yeast addition has never been so simple!

Revolutionary and innovative way to inoculate yeast:

  • Simple, fast and reliable
  • Saves winemakers valuable time during the busy pressing season
  • Allows reproducible yeast addition which dramatically improves consistency in the Cellar.

So how did this revolutionary concept spring into life ...?

It started with the observation that simple yeasting errors during rehydration could have a significant effect on cellar productivity and wine quality. Always looking for innovation, the OenoBrands technical team searched for ways to make this process simpler and more consistent. after a first meeting with Silverson, a world class company specializing in the direct addition of powders to liquids, and then three years of research and testing at INRA Pech Rouge followed finally practical testing in wineries - Oenobrands was able in 2013 to launch In-Line Ready® : a direct addition yeast technology . The IN-LINE READY® concept consists of two essential components: the IN-LINE READY® yeasts and the IN-LINE READY® FMY45 ( a machine).

IN-LINE READY® yeasts are produced using a unique production recipe that enables them to be directly added into the must with no risk of losing viability, growth capacity and fermentation ability.

The IN-LINE READY® machine is a high-shear force solid-liquid mixer. It provides instant dispersal and activation of dry yeast. It introduces the activated yeast into the fermentation tank litterally in just a few seconds. The machine’s ergonomics have been adapted for optimal usage in large wineries. Not only can it be used to add yeast, but most others powders or granulated ingredients can also be added directly into musts and wines.

Oenobrands believes that this, international patented, advanced winemaking solution offers winemakers an easy , fast, innovative and reliable way to yeast their tanks.

Products available in formulation In-Line Ready are:

  • Fermivin AR2
  • Fermivin 4F9
  • Fermivin LVCB
  • Fermivin VR5
  • Fermivin PDM




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