Fermivin TS28 AND Fermivin 4F9 are your solutions !

Fermivin TS28 strongly optimizes the clivage of thiol aroma precursors, giving very intense wines with hints of boxwood, gooseberry and minerality(stone flint). The aroma profile has shown a strong release of thiol aromas (3MH and 4MMP), and also esters (in particular 2-phenylethanol), giving very intense, fresh and modern wines.

Fermivin 4F9 is an excellent releaser of thiols and converter of 3MH into its acetate 3MHA, giving intense and stable guava and passion fruit aromas in wines produced from grape varieties containing thiol precursors. Releasing large quantities of polysaccharides, Fermivin 4F9 gives wines with volume, roundness and very well-balanced.

Thiol content in wines | Ethyl ester and higher alcohol content in wines.
Thiol content in wines.
Volatile thiol release and conversion.

Fermivin TS28 – Data Sheet

Fermivin 4F9 – Data Sheet




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