In-Line Ready®

Yeast addition has never been so simple with In-Line Ready®: a tested, proven and patented technology!

An advanced winemaking solution from Oenobrands and Silverson.

In-Line Ready®, innovative dual technology for the yeast addition phase, consists of a high-shear solid liquid mixer (produced by Silverson) and dry yeasts, of which the formulation and production method have been adapted to the direct-addition conditions applied by the machine.
The yeasts produced with In-Line Ready technology are subjected to high shear forces, resulting in their instant dispersal, hydration and consequent activation.

The In-Line Ready solution is the best way to:

  • add the right population of ADY at its optimal physiology state,
  • secure, safe & reliable fermentations and aroma & sensory optimization,
  • add yeast faster and in a more secure and professional way to be more flexible and to better adapt to harvest needs.

Qualitative wines

ILR technology allows the production of high quality aromatic wines. Aroma analysis have been done in many comparative tests; in all cases the wine fermented with ILR yeast is more aromatic, with less bitterness and a better overall quality.


Besides ILR yeasts, ILR FMY45 equipment allows wineries to facilitate the addition of wine products such as:

  • NUTRIENTS and FERMENTATION AIDS such as Maxaferm, Natuferm, Extraferm
  • FINING AGENTS: gelatin, bentonite, products based on casein, carbon
  • WOOD DERIVATIVES: oak chips, tannins
  • CORRECTIVE TREATMENTS: tartaric acid, citric acid, sugar
  • STABILIZING agents: sorbic acid

Products available in formulation In-Line Ready are:

  • Fermivin AR2
  • Fermivin 4F9
  • Fermivin LVCB
  • Fermivin VR5
  • Fermivin PDM
  • Fermivin P21
  • Fermivin JB3
  • Fermivin 7013
  • Fermivin VB1




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