In-Line Ready® FERMIVIN YEAST: A tested and proven solution for AN easy inoculation

A specific recipe for the fermentation and the formulation was developed and applied to the production of In-Line Ready Fermivin yeasts (ILR). This production process strengthens them and enables them to be resistant to low temperature and acidity stress encountered during a direct addition either via an automated solid-liquid mixer or via a manual operation. The In-Line Ready Fermivin yeast is the best solution for an EASY INOCULATION.

The effectiveness of In-Line Ready Fermivin yeast has been shown when added in two ways: using a specific equipment or by a manual operation (direct addition on grapes at reception or during the first homogenisation pump over at vatting). Contact us for detailed protocols and support with Fermivin In-Line Ready.

Adding ILR Fermivin yeast directly allows more flexibility and better adaptation to harvest needs, more sustainable winemaking (energy and water saved) while using less manual work by cellar hands.

Fermivin yeast strains produced with the ILR specific production process :
Since 2013, users of In-Line Ready Fermivin yeast have reported clean wines with good aromatic expression.

  • Fermivin IT61
  • Fermivin 4F9
  • Fermivin AR2
  • Fermivin JB3
  • Fermivin P21
  • Fermivin VR5
  • Fermivin E73
  • Fermivin PDM
  • Fermivin 7013




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