ISS methodology for Claristar mannoproteins

Oenobrands, with the support of Dario Montagnani/Enolab Service SRL, and Checkstab Instruments by Delta Acque collaborated to develop a unique and standard reference method named ISS Technologies (ISS stands for Index of Stable Supersaturation).

The aim of this fast analysis is to provide you with the exact dosage of Claristar needed to stabilise your wine.

All the tests have unique features and consequently advantages and disadvantages. We can name the cold test issues in red wines, the other tests using conductivity overestimating the instability of the wine, etc.

Claristar mannoproteins can stabilise white, rosé and red wines against tartrate crystals by inhibiting the growth of potassium bitartrate crystals; this effect depends on the wine’s degree of instability and preparation for bottling. That is why a specific method has been developed and validated thanks to extensive laboratory tests.

Description of the ISS method for Claristar




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