Natuferm® is a yeast nutrient made from 100% inactivated yeast rich in organic nitrogen and trace elements. It is specific to the initial phases of alcoholic fermentation. Its high concentration in trace elements and available amino nitrogen promotes a healthy yeast population. With appropriate fermentation conditions (turbidity and temperature), Natuferm® increases the production of aromatic fermentation esters.

Natuferm® is a precise fermentation tool allowing a tailored response to the objectives of each wine and vintage requirements. With Natuferm winemakers can add organic nitrogen in the form of free amino acids and peptides (protein building blocks) at the beginning of fermentation and then add ammonium salts or complex yeast nutrients two to three days later as needed.

Due to its specific way of production Natuferm® is very easily dispersible in water or must. This unique property makes its usage extremely simple. Its composition promotes fermentation effectiveness and actively contributes to obtaining wines with excellent aromatic and analytical quality.

Although Natuferm® is rich in free amino acids it is naturally low in amino acid precursors of biogenic amines (histidine, tryptophane and tyrosine). To facilitate the fermenting yeast’s assimilation of the amino acids provided by Natuferm®, avoid simultaneous addition of ammonium salts such as DAP. For complete consumption of Natuferm®, its addition should only take place during the first third of alcoholic fermentation.




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