Rapidase Clear Extreme

Enzyme for fast, efficient clarification of grape must in difficult and extreme conditions

Optimizing clarification with a new a cryophilic enzyme active on a broad spectrum of pectin even at low temperatures.

Wanting to offer an efficient solution to new difficult clarifications scenarios, Oenobrands has validated with extensive trial campaigns in both hemispheres, the efficiency of a new enzyme formulation. This new formulation has proved its superior efficiency in many different contexts including temperatures as low as 6°C, poor maturity, or even varieties with naturally high or complex pectin content.

Rapidase® Clear Extreme, contains new cryophilic pectinases that do act on a wider range of pectin.When settling conditions are difficult, (i.e. low temperatures, low pH and/or hard to settle varieties), Rapidase Clear Extreme’s action includes the advanced degradation of the pectin molecule through the main and side chains sequential hydrolysis. Its use allows for fast viscosity decrease and solid particles aggregation thus rapidly improving lees compaction and clearer must.

Rapidase Clear Extreme – Data Sheet




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