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Oenobrands is pleased to announce the launch of Fermivin IT61, a new yeast for making white and rosé wines with intense, tropical fruit character. Newly-validated by Oenobrands, the Fermivin IT61 strain was obtained from Gist-Brocades’s wine yeast collection (n°LW61). This new yeast promotes aromatic expression, even in neutral varieties, and encourages complexity in white and […]

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Oenobrands launches new version of Oenotools with improved features suggested by users

Building on the international success of the free, award-winning application OENOTOOLS, Oenobrands has developed a brand new 3.0 version that integrates improvements suggested by users of the app, based on their feedback.   Since the first version of OENOTOOLS was launched in 2011, over 27 000 new users have uploaded and taken advantage of the unique functionalities of […]

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Oenobrands launches Fermivin P21, a new yeast for high quality fruity red wines

Selected in Burgundy (France) by IFV Beaune (French Institute of Vine and Wine) from Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes, Fermivin® P21 is a yeast that brings good structure, stable fruity aromas and stable pigments for good colour. Compared to six different commercial yeasts, Fermivin P21 gives the highest Total Polyphenol Index (TPI). Fermivin P21 is […]

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Anchor Oenology announces repositioned yeast ranges Exotics, Alchemy and Legacy

Following on from the 2018 launch of the Anchor Oenology division, Anchor Yeast announces a rebranding of its yeast and bacteria products and presents their new packaging and positioning. The refreshed Anchor yeast offering comprises three distinct ranges, namely: EXOTICS (now a range of two products); the trusted ALCHEMY blends and the newly positioned blue […]

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